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A rich, velvety mask that instantly plumps and smoothes the skin, harnessing the innumerable properties of the date tree.   50 ml


The 24/7 aqua booster for a kick of freshness!  100 ml 


With its unique active power and when used as an accompanying body treatment, this body serum enhances the detox benefits of an improved diet and the skin-firming effects of regular workouts. 100 ml

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A calming, moisturising toner particularly beneficial for dry skin. 100 ml / 250 ml


A mild and nourishing formula ideal for daily shaving on sensitive skin. 100 ml


An overnight cream to nourish and repair stressed skin. 50 ml


A powerful face oil with Algae Alaria extract and bio-retinol (Bakuchiol) to replenish, refine and protect your skin from free radicals as it naturally plumps your skin and restores its youthful vitality. 30 ml


A lightweight yet powerful anti-blemish serum charged by potent plant-based extracts, probiotics, BHA, and hyaluronic acid that targets clogged pores, regulates sebum production and helps balance, protect and even your skin tone. 30 ml


A plumping serum that increases local volume for a smooth, lifted and sculpted look. 30 ml