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Natural beauty and holistic well-being: Ayasol uses only high-quality and carefully selected natural ingredients to offer you a sustainable skin care of uncompromising quality, because only the best is good for your skin.
The use of Ayasol products is a multisensory experience. The texture, fragrance and effect of the individual natural active ingredients have been carefully preserved during the formulation to create an immediate connection with nature for you – for a special moment of inner balance. Each product is carefully applied in the form of a small ritual. This allows for a spa-like experience at home.
Ayasol will simplify your skin care routine – our universal products can replace several of your current cosmetics. Take Ayasol with you on your very personal journey into the world of natural skin care and enrich your life with our unique natural cosmetics.
AYA – Japanese first name – colorful & beautiful
SOL – Spanish for Sun – French for Floor
Ayasol is a reflection of all the colourful beauty in ourselves and our environment and stands for a holistic inner and outer well-being – between earth and horizon.
Ayasol Skincare – Natural Skin Care redefined

Erleben Sie eine völlig neue Art von Creme mit unserer komplexen und ausschließlich natürlichen Wirkstoffkombination: Crème Extrême ist das ultimative Pflegeprodukt um Ihre Haut intensiv zu nähren und die Feuchtigkeitsbarriere zu unterstützen. 50 ml  


The Elixir is a light, complex and highly concentrated essence of some of the most effective natural ingredients. It leaves a velvety smooth, balanced and well-groomed skin feeling for a healthy, radiant complexion. 200 ml


Erleben Sie das ultimative Hautpflege Duo und gönnen Sie sich und Ihrer Haut ganz besondere Moment des Wohlbefindens. Mit unserem Duo wird sich Ihre Hautpflege Routine verbessern und gleichzeitig vereinfachen-  "The Elixir" & "Crème Extrême"