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This natural cosmetics line uses apothecary knowledge and the extraordinary power of clean fruits and flowers to support skin’s natural beauty. L’ODAÏTÈS was born from the desire of three sisters to share their proven and powerful yet simple skincare regime passed down by women in their family through generations. L’ODAÏTÈS represents a return to the roots of skincare using time-tested, pure, clean, and powerful ingredients and extraction technologies that create treatments to protect and nourish the skin’s natural beauty. 

The superstar ingredient of the L’ODAÏTÈS product line is the date fruit, a potent superstar ingredient. The date palm tree has thrived for the last thousand years as a powerful reserve of life in the desert. The resilient plant has developed an unwavering ability to defend and repair against the harshest environmental conditions. Cold extraction of the date’s nectar retains its powerful regenerating, hydrating, energising, and antioxidant properties for these luxurious skincare products.  

The plant based active ingredients are responsibly sourced from the Mediterranean Region and the Sahara Desert. They are extracted with methods such as cold extraction, cold pressing, bio-fermentation, and steam extraction which allow for the biological richness and freshness of the ingredients to be preserved, as well as a chemical affinity with the skin that enables high absorption capacity. 


L’ODAÏTÈS uses clean formulations with:  

  • 0% Parabens, Silicones, Phenoxyethanol, PEG, Colorants, Phthalates, and Sulphates 
  • Atleast98,2% ingredients of natural origin
  • 100% emulsifiersofvegetable origin 
  • Soft preservatives
  • Incredibly subtle, soothing fragrance of Neroli


DAÏTÈS is the Greek god of feasts, and L’ODAÏTÈS cosmetics are a feast for the skin. 


A brightening and depuffing formula combining three of nature’s masterpieces—chlorella microalgae, blueberry extract and date seed oil.    15 ml


A purifying synergy of fresh Aloe Vera juice and orange flower blossom water for face and eyes that removes makeup and preserves the skin’s essential moisture levels.   200 ml


A rich, velvety mask that instantly plumps and smoothes the skin, harnessing the innumerable properties of the date tree.   50 ml


A unique exfoliator rich in ultra-antioxidant date seed powder and olive leaf powder that detoxifies and revives the skin.  60 ml


A nurturing blend of olive oil and desert date oil for face and eyes that removes all traces of makeup and softens skin.  100 ml


Eine aufhellende Formel, die drei Meisterwerke der Natur vereint – Chlorella Mikroalgen, Heidelbeerextrakt und Dattelkernöl. 15 ml