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All carefully selected ingredients are of natural origin, vegan, and organic whenever possible. 

Nóttnuit care products are free from: 

Animal testing
Synthetic chemicals
Hard preservatives
Artificial colours and fragrances
Ethoxylated ingredients
Parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, and glycols. 

Swedish skincare professionals Ida-Maia Nilert Szugalski and Theresia Dibinger have a clear vision for Nóttnuit: to combine the highest scientific standards with advance skincare knowledge, to create the best synergistic combinations of potent bioactives with different yet complementary bioactivity.  

The promise: multi-corrective skincare products of uncompromising quality and efficacy. 

Nóttnuit stands for clean, advanced, and uncompromising skin care. All ingredients are carefully sourced and selected for their efficacy and quality, resulting in pure and effective multi-correcting skin care,
The formulas are protected in vials of violet glass which have been re-envisioned, sculpted and transformed into unique works of art by glass artisans in Hälsingland, Sweden. No two bottles are the same.  


This intensely rich yet lightweight face cream easily absorbs into skin, locks in hydration, restores and rejuvenates skin with a formula rich in ceramides, hyaluronic acids and antioxidants. 50 ml


A cutting-edge formula powered by mineral-rich volcanic ash, algae and enzymes to gently yet deeply cleanse skin and enhance cell renewal, revealing a hydrated, purified and vibrant complexion. 100 ml


An ideal skin purifying gel mask that deeply cleanses and purges pores of debris and impurities and smooths away dead skin cells to leave your skin looking and feeling fresh, clear and radiant. 50 ml


A powerful face oil with Algae Alaria extract and bio-retinol (Bakuchiol) to replenish, refine and protect your skin from free radicals as it naturally plumps your skin and restores its youthful vitality. 30 ml


A lightweight yet powerful anti-blemish serum charged by potent plant-based extracts, probiotics, BHA, and hyaluronic acid that targets clogged pores, regulates sebum production and helps balance, protect and even your skin tone. 30 ml