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With its unique active power and when used as an accompanying body treatment, this body serum enhances the detox benefits of an improved diet and the skin-firming effects of regular workouts. 100 ml


An intelligently designed, recyclable refill system that reduces plastic waste and carbon emissions. 250 ml


The massage with the Gua Sha stone is your daily self-care ritual for glowing skin and relaxation. The ancient Chinese beauty technique helps you to accentuate the contours of your face, relieve tension and bring out your natural glow. 1 Stk.


This traditionally made, oval copper brush is 100% natural and takes your dry brushing ritual to the next level. 1 Stk.


A luxurious body cream with an intense triple effect: stimulating the skin's metabolism, supporting the production of collagen and tightening the connective tissue. 200 ml


This beautifully shaped wooden brush with 100% natural bristles is the perfect tool for your daily face brushing ritual. Just a few minutes of facial massage per day with our Facial Dry Brush are enough to boost radiance and promote the health of your skin. 1 Stk.


A soothing and effective mineral-based deodorant, free of aluminium salts. 75 g


This minimalist, circular massage brush with 100% natural bristles in medium strength is the ideal brush for your daily dry brushing ritual.  1 Stk.


A gentle, effective, aluminum-free deodorant containing a blend of active mineral substances and flower distillates. 75 ml