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The name Ruhi comes from Persian, meaning soul and essence.  

All Ruhi products are made with love and reduced to the bare essentials. They are based on centuries-old knowledge and holistic rituals that increase your well-being from within. 

With high-quality tools made from natural materials, you can transform your skin care routine into a mindful self-care ritual that restores your inner balance and makes your skin glow. These rituals stimulate your self-healing powers, promoting healthy skin.  

Ruhi was founded in 2019 by Berlin-based skincare expert Britta Hekmat. When she became pregnant, she was driven towards a holistic approach to beauty that incorporated traditional selfcare rituals into her everyday life. Once she noticed the positive effect they had on her total well-being, the idea for Ruhi was born.  

Sustainable Selfcare 

Ruhi pursue a holistic approach that goes beyond pure self-care: Sustainable Selfcare. The brand is dedicated to keeping their environmental impact as low as possible. 

Ruhi brushes are sustainably and traditionally manufactured in responsible factories by a family business based in Germany. They process regional beech wood from responsibly managed forests; the natural bristles are of ethically harmless origin. 

The crystal tools, which are manufactured abroad under fair conditions, are transported in a climate-neutral manner. The resulting CO2 emissions are offset thanks to a forest protection project in Papua New Guinea. 

Ruhi uses packaging made from recycled, FSC-certified materials that are printed with environmentally friendly inks and always avoid the unnecessary use of plastic. Many of the products are assembled in a Berlin workshop for people with disabilities.