WHEADON – Wohlfühlen ist Hautsache

WHEADON – Wohlfühlen ist Hautsache (‘Wellbeing is a Matter of how you feel about yourself) – is a Holistic Beauty Concept.

Founded by skincare-expert Nicole Wheadon, WHEADON is an ever-evolving space where our community can restore balance and wellness with the help of highly restorative, customised spa treatments, while discovering and supporting a thoughtful selection of independent, value-driven beauty brands.

Our body is an intelligent system that is naturally geared towards optimization and survival, yet today’s environmental influences and lifestyles put more and more stress on the body and mind. Finding and keeping your centre is a growing challenge.

Inner balance is critical for not only a vital, healthy appearance, but also for facing the challenges of everyday life with serenity and confidence. Treatments at WHEADON are designed to activate and support our body’s own healing system. The combination of thousands of years of natural medicinal knowledge and modern technology creates optimal synergies that help you press your own RESET button.

We believe in holistic beauty with a focus on feeling good in your own skin.


Our spa concept is tailored to the everyday needs of people in metropolises. All our face and body treatments strengthen inner balance and create a vital, healthy glow.

Our quick, dynamic REFRESH treatments can easily be integrated into a busy day. Skin Fit treatments act like exercise to sculpt and tone your facial muscles. As this is most effective with regular treatment, we make it as easy for you to work these sessions into your day as possible. A variety of quick treatments such as Aqua Dermabrasion and Brow Shaping and Tinting are all designed to keep you feeling fresh.

Our longer RESET Spa treatments are a mini vacation from urban life, designed to rejuvenate your body, skin and energy. Two-phase face and body treatments can be customised up to a full day retreat. We believe that a quiet environment supports recovery, so we consciously avoid music during treatments.

Our small team of skin specialists are constantly developing new versions of treatments based on both traditional knowledge and current innovation.
We also offer workshops and online Skin Fit consultations.

“Since opening our doors in July 2012, WHEADON has joyfully evolved and will continue to do so in the future. But this is only possible with the tireless support of our wonderful community.
From my point of view, only those who are satisfied with themselves and with what they do can convey a positive self-image to others. That is why it is particularly important to me that everyone feels comfortable with us, especially the people who work here. 
Ensuring this is a constant challenge and a permanent process that requires daily questioning of one’s own point of view, solution-oriented thinking and action, constant movement, and a mind that is open to suggestions and change. It is a wonderful task to continue to grow both personally and within WHEADON. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those who I can learn from, who support me, and who I work with. Your trust and the subsequent appreciation give me strength and colourful butterflies.”

Nicole Wheadon