WHEADON – Wohlfühlen ist Hautsache

A holistic beauty concept
Beauty Concept Store for Independent Brands


WHEADON is more than just a beauty concept store.

With an integrated SKIN GYM for everyday express treatments, a ME TIME SPA for a short break from everyday life and a BROW BAR Wheadon is a place for holistic well-being.

 WHEADON stands for relaxing, individualized SPA treatments.
The focus is on strengthening inner balance and well-being.

 Our body is an intelligent system that is naturally geared towards optimal adaptation and survival.
The demands of urban life, with all its environmental influences, present us with the great task of balancing body and mind.

Inner balance is not only crucial for a vital, healthy appearance, but also the basis for facing the challenges of everyday life with serenity and confidence.

The treatments at WHEADON are intended to activate and support the body’s own healing system.

Natural medicine findings gained over thousands of years, combined with modern technology, create optimal synergies that help you press your own RESET button.

Each appointment begins with a personal consultation/anamnesis to analyse the current and desired skin condition, in which the daily care routine is also discussed.

The products used in the treatment are selected according to individual needs and wishes from our assortment.


 The fast, dynamic Express treatments can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Skin Fit treatments work like sports.They shape and tone the muscles of the face as well as those of the body.
The greatest efficiency is achieved by regular training.

With flexible scheduling, we make it as easy as possible for you to integrate the treatments into your day.

A variety of fast treatments such as the “EXPRESS TURBO TREAT” with the Aqua Dermabrasion of our Skinfit Trainer, Brow Shaping and Tinting are designed so that you can feel refreshed and relaxed in a short time.


“We focus on people and their healthy development.
Since the opening on 3 July 2012, WHEADON has been continuously developing and will continue to do so in the future.

But this is only possible with the tireless support of many wonderful people.
In my view, only people who are satisfied with themselves and with what they are doing can convey a positive self-image to others. That is why it is particularly important to me that everyone feels comfortable with us, especially the people who work here.

Ensuring this is a constant challenge and a lasting process, which requires daily questioning of one’s own point of view, solution-oriented thinking and action, and constant staying in motion. An openness to suggestions, without denying one’s values and carrying out fine-tuning where necessary. It’s a wonderful job that I’m constantly growing and developing myself personally.

Heartfelt thanks to all those from whom I can learn, who support me and with whom I work. Your trust and the appreciation that goes with it always gives me strength and colorful butterflies.”


Nicole Wheadon
Founder and Entrepreneur of the Year 2020/21