WHEADON – Wohlfühlen ist Hautsache

A Holistic Beauty Concept 

RESUME after 10 years of WHEADON
in the flow with the times and its circumstances

WHEADON is a lived dream – full of all the nooks and crannies that our dreams take us to. Full of opportunities to learn and grow. The goal – to see each experience as a gift, to gain knowledge and to be full of gratitude. And, most of the time it succeeds.

2022 invited me especially to reflect.

It was necessary to review my own values, how far I hold on to them, even when it becomes uncomfortable.

Update my situation – press the re-set button and restart – re-boosted.

The result: a wonderful CONCENTRATE has been created from SPA and WOMEN’S ROOM that has got to the heart of what we stand for. Our existing furniture was up cycled, our rooms were redesigned and we took stock of what still fits.

See WHEADON treatments

WHEADON is so much.

It is gym for the face.
We are no ordinary facial. WHEADON offers next generation, non-invasive lifting and rejuvenating treatments unique to your needs. Through targeted deep tissue massages, most known for their use in physiotherapy and mobility massages, we ensure that the metabolism works optimally in our signature treatments. Muscles are built up and fasciae are loosened – our sessions are long-lasting and leave an imprint.


Our AquaFitSkin Trainer is an aqua dermabrasion and belongs to the family of Jetpeel and Hydrafacial. It supports the revitalisation and regeneration of the skin by a high-pressure cleaning that penetrates deep into the pores, with a stimulating cold Kniepp effect to boost your blood circulation.


The skin feels plump like a peach – juicy, rosy and silky.

Regular applications, just like sports, have a natural lifting effect, provide clear contours and an even fine skin texture. You leave WHEADON with skin that is vital, fresh and healthy.

It is a place where soulful, owner-managed beauty brands can be found. European brands developed by people who have a deep desire to make the world they live in a better, more sustainable place, because even small steps lead to change.


It is a place where I get to meet wonderful people.

Time and time again, I am impressed by how so many people shine and radiate in their own special way. These are the people who inspire me to work on being my best version – they inspire me to keep my head up even when the water is up to my neck and to smile more than to complain.

And, because these people touch me so much with their own special beauty, I am introducing them to you with our intimate JOURNAL – 5 sentences with which they introduce themselves and 10 questions that they answer. 

They are brand founders, artists, craftsmen, mothers, fathers – people like you, who have touched my heart and would like to share this very special beauty with you.


Nicole Wheadon