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Nature shapes our understanding of beauty, health, and well-being—and so do Susanne Kaufmann’s products. The brand’s philosophy is to support the skin’s natural functions so it can work at its best, allowing its vitality and beauty to shine.  

Valuable herbal extracts from Austria’s Alpine region and powerful natural formulas combined with proven skin science set the brand apart. Susanne Kaufmann follows four main ethical principles: efficiency, quality, transparency, and sustainability. 

Susanne Kaufmann’s commitment to sustainability runs through the entire production process: 

  • Botanical ingredients are responsibly and locally sourced from the Bregenzerwald region in Austria 
  • Whenever possible, bottles and jars are made of easily recyclable glass in order to use as little plastic as possible, with innovative refill packaging  
  • Locally produced cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable 
  • The entire production facility is powered with solar and thermal energy 
  • Products are not tested on animals, nor are they available in countries that require animal testing,

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