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Skin tells a story of the person within it. Analysing your skin’s history is the key to anticipating—or, as deage puts it, ‘anticip-aging’—its future.

Six ‘Power-Beauty-Shots’ contain SKINFUSION® TECHNOLOGY which satisfies your skin’s longing for deceleration and equilibrium, fulfilling its individual needs. Deage shifts the focus from correction to prevention.

With an intelligent combination of active ingredients, deage understands the particular needs of your skin, providing custom repair for the damage you feel and even see, and preventing the damage you do not.

deage products are: 

100% natural origin (EcoCert certified)
100% certified organic (according to certified organic agriculture practices)
100% vegan
100% gluten-free
Cruelty-free (never tested on animals)
Dermatologically tested
Made by hand in South Bavaria, Germany 

Products are free from:

Synthetic and nature-identical fragrances
Silicone compounds
PEGs / EOs
Ingredients of animal origin
Genetically modified and produced ingredients
Radioactively irradiated ingredients
Paraffins and sulphates
Mineral oil and petroleum derivatives