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As the name suggests, ambuja harmoniously combines nature and research, based on the linguistic and philosophical principle of Sanskrit – the sacred language of Hinduism. Ambuja means ‘lotus’, embodying purity and empowerment and born of the mother of the universe. 

Ambuja products are made with a base of SUPERFLUID™, which combines lotus cell water and green coconut water. It was created to regenerate and hydrate the skin, optimising its natural, healthy radiance.  

Artfully handcrafted by renowned molecular scientist Frank Legart in Bavaria, ambuja skincare is avant-garde. It embodies a visionary future of skincare by marrying nature and molecular science. Legart mirrors the biological functions of the skin in their products by looking to nature and using the most pure, raw ingredients.  

The visionary family-owned company stands for deceleration, research and innovation. The developers at Ambuja are committed to sustainability and the conscious, careful use of resources. Ambuja products are multifunctional problem solvers designed for modern minimalists and produced in small batches. 

Ambuja products contain

100% certified organic,
sustainably produced,
super active ingredients.

They are 100% vegan and gluten-free,
consistently refrain from animal testing,
and are made in Germany. 


All formulas are free from 

mineral oils,
derivatives as well as synthetic and nature-identical fragrances
raw materials of animal origin
and genetically modified and produced raw materials

Ambuja products are 100% water-free, and water consumption is reduced to a minimum during production.

The ingredients are carefully sourced through strictly controlled organic cultivation and wild collection. Certified plant oils are cold pressed from the whole plant in order to obtain the most stable bioactive substances.  


This universal restorative cream is an urban defense-shield that feeds essential nutrients to the skin. 
30 ml


The 24/7 aqua booster for a kick of freshness!  100 ml 


Nach der Rasur: Das Mega-City Fluid. Der GALA SPA AWARD-Gewinner 30 ml


A super effective regenerating serum for a silky complexion. 30 ml


The urban Powerfluid 7 x 2ml


A super-hydrating serum for optimal moisture. Feel good in your own skin. 30 ml


An ultralight gel-serum designed to give tired, urban skin an even, radiant complexion. 30 ml


A sensational, unisex eye cream to shield against pollution, fight dark circles and maximize radiance.  30 ml


The ideal anti-pollution mask for skin harmonization.  100 ml